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3 Methods to help you develop a world class performer mindset

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In the trenches

Rise and shine 6er,

An individual with a world class performer mindset defies limits on growth and is not afraid to pursue new heights of achievement. They stay on-mission even through failure because they understand that it is a great learning opportunity. They dare to excel in stressful environments and use the high-performance mindset as a tool for increasing their competence and efficiency.

In the same way that we can train our physical body, anyone can develop and train their mental skills to have a high-performance mindset. Most successful people have clarity and focus to go after what they want. This is where mindfulness comes in because it teaches you increased focus and directs your attention to work within your current environment instead of wasting your time and energy thinking about what you lack in resources.

By aiming your focus and your attention to the right things at the right time, you can stay on your goals and vision. A high-performance mindset can be achieved by anyone who is willing to raise their game and disrupt old thought patterns to unlock the best version of themselves.

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Intelligence summary of insights from this week’s podcast

Achieving human peak performance is possible when you’re willing to change your mindset. But changing the mindset requires patience and persistence. You must be willing to commit to the process of success which includes a lot of pain and failures, and understand that you don’t get immediate results.

Your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine your results. If you have limiting beliefs, you are essentially setting up the framework of possibilities around you to be small and constricted.

In this week’s episode of Got Your Six podcast, we have Dr. Jannell MacAulay, a former Air Force pilot with over 3,000 flying hours, and a TEDx speaker with a master’s degree in Kinesiology. She also co-developed Warrior’s Edge, an elite mindset training course with Pete Caroll and Dr. Michael Gervais.

Her growing list of achievements across different fields is not without her own share of many failures. But going through these stressful environments, she certainly picked up some life lessons that taught her how to achieve a high-performance mindset. Here are three actionable methods you can implement now.

1. Learn to quiet your mind.

Whether it is our relationships, health, or finances, life constantly throws us into a curveball and many stressful situations. In response, we try to survive on adrenaline which only drives us further to exhaustion and burnout. The truth is, when we have a calm state of mind, it brings greater resiliency to tackle responsibilities in the midst of chaos.

Dr. Jannell shares how one-minute meditation breaks throughout the day, with a total of at least 10 to 15 minutes per day can be one of the quickest tools to find this inner peace and quiet.

2. Create awareness in your environment.

Sometimes it is us who create our own stressful environment and worse, we influence the people around us to be stressed and anxious, like parents to their kids even though it is not intentional.

The value of creating awareness in your environment is that it teaches you to change your behavior and the language you use to yourself. Instead of reacting to stress and going into a survival mode, you become more proactive and your mind shifts into thinking you are in the driver’s seat, thus letting you make more rational decisions with the power to create opportunities for yourself.

3. Aim for values-based thinking.

In contrast with rules-based thinking, values-based decision making skills open your mindset and create a pathway for yourself that is authentic. Rules-based decisions can be mental traps and we tend to fall into this by default if we haven’t done the work to figure out what our values and purpose are in life.

Figure out what your values and then take action to honor them in your decisions. This will help you maximize your sense of fulfillment and happiness in life.

The reality is that success starts with the right mindset coupled with taking necessary actions to take it to the next level. It is your high-performance mindset that will help you establish clarity of goals and awareness in your environment resulting in better decision-making skills.

Here at the Got Your Six podcast, we believe anyone willing to put in the work can achieve a higher performer mindset. By changing your old thought pattern, you are changing your psychological framework and the lens of how you see the world. You become more aware of your behavior and your environment which can help you operate optimally and sometimes even push boundaries.

Now that you know how to achieve a high-performance mindset, you can start to implement this knowledge immediately and with time, you will start to experience significant improvements in your life experience.

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