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How To Play Big In The Game Of Life And Win Against All Odds

Honor your talents, resources and gifts to the best of your ability

In the trenches

Rise and shine 6er,

Is there ever a time when you doubted your own worth? There is a possibility that you've reached a point where you no longer have any doubts about your own worth because you've learned to accept the person you are now. When we act out of fear or a desire to remain in our familiar environments, we are playing small and relying on the approval of others.

Playing small means settling for a life that is merely adequate, rather than extraordinary. You don't feel any passion and you don't feel like you accomplished anything. To begin with, we put off taking action in order to play bigger, and only after that do we come to terms with our discomfort and settle in. It's easy to get bogged down in limiting core beliefs and lose sight of our goals.

It is our authentic self that leads us to our purpose in life through our dreams. This is why it's critical to pursue our goals in the face of uncertainty and self-doubt. Learn to embrace discomfort and swing for the fences.

As we strive to be our best selves, we will always face obstacles. Fear and self-doubt will be battled on the inside, as will parental responsibilities, financial constraints, and even cultural biases. However, it is up to each of us to find the strength and courage to go after our dreams, and to fight for the kind of life that will bring us happiness and meaning in our work, studies, and relationships.

Let’s make it happen!


Intelligence summary of insights from this week’s podcast

Choose your dreams over your fears if you want to succeed in life's big moments. As a result, I'm not advocating that you pursue your dreams without a plan in mind. Think like a warrior and train like you're going to fight, as the saying goes.

In this week’s episode of Got Your Six podcast, we are joined by Justin Nassiri, a former Navy submarine officer, current President of Executive Presence, founder/CEO of, and the founder/host of Beyond The Uniform podcast. He also wrote a book called Veterans in Consulting.

You can make a huge difference by adopting a positive attitude. Three tips from Justin Nassiri can help you overcome your insecurities and low self-esteem so that you can live a life of self-confidence and courage.

1. Leaders are readers

Here at Got Your Six, we believe that to be successful you must first be able to lead yourself. To do that, you need to develop the habit of gaining knowledge and skills to improve and empower yourself.

One of the ways you can do that is through reading. It’s like sitting down with the world’s sharpest minds and allowing them to mentor you. Or, in the words of our guest, ‘like accessing information that is different from my day to day.’

2. Break away from limiting core beliefs

Identifying your limiting core beliefs is the first step in overcoming those beliefs. Finding the root of one's negativity is a good place to start, but it's important to remember that negative beliefs aren't facts.

We can't become the people we want to be because of our limiting beliefs. It prevents us from expanding our potential, both personally and professionally, by keeping us in our familiar environments. It's time to move on. It will be of no use to you.

3. Give yourself permission to dream

There is a reason why we have dreams. Because it's like having our own distinct voice, we can better understand who we are as a person when we have it. You can live more authentically if you allow yourself to dream.

Take small steps toward achieving your goals with a strong desire to succeed. A paradigm shift occurs when a small action is consistently performed, resulting in your beliefs, mindset, and actions all aligning to bring your dreams to fruition.

To be successful, you must be willing to adapt and play big. There are always going to be reasons why you can't achieve the life you want. If you don't at least try, you may look back on your life with regret. What does it matter if your hopes and dreams come true in ten years from now? Whether or not you go after your dream, time will still pass.

Overestimation and underestimation of one's abilities are two of the most common misconceptions about one's abilities. In other words, start small. In the end, the future is not a straight line. So don't be afraid to take risks, make mistakes, and celebrate your small victories.

To help someone else stop playing small and start living life with meaning and purpose, lend a helping hand to a combat buddy who could use a little inspiration to get them going.

Into the breach!

Tony Nash

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