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Packing for your leadership journey!

Pack up and grab your boots. Your leadership journey awaits!

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In the trenches

Success and high-performance stories and anecdotes that will inspire 6ers to hustle.

This week’s leadership theme is similar to a pivotal point in a recent episode of the TV show, Criminal Minds. The show is about an FBI unit performing behavioral analysis for the worst crimes across the country. After leaving a hospital in the scene, one character, despite suffering loss of colleagues and friendship, rose to leadership and said, “Our scars tell us where we've been in life. They don't have to define where we're going.” This statement is the true path to leadership, it is choosing to grow and face difficulties, knowing that on the other side lies the better stronger versions of ourselves.


Success and high-performance stories and anecdotes that will inspire 6ers to hustle.

Rise and shine 6er,

From a high school dropout to becoming a top level military officer and current CEO of Special Operations Warrior Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering the families of fallen special operations warriors, our guest for this week’s episode of Got Your Six podcast is none other than Clay Hutmacher.

As Clay retired from military service, he reflects back on how he learned the value of recommitting yourself to your mission everyday. He is a true testament to the adage that, “Adversity can only make you stronger.” Despite his hardships as a child, he built a path forward. And so can you.

A true soldier to the core, Clay understood that leadership is not a destination but a journey. That every single decision we make can set us into a different path. Adversity is present in the way ahead and some roads are blocked. That’s why it’s important to have a mindset that welcomes challenges and to commit yourself through continuous improvement throughout your leadership journey.

Preparation, or packing, is a necessary part of every journey. Here are some things you should bring with you on your leadership adventure:

1. Your values. Think about why you’re embarking on this journey in the first place.

  • What is your mission?

  • What keeps you motivated?

  • What are the things that truly matter to you?

  • Are you willing to embrace adversity in order to achieve that?

Leaders are perpetual travelers on the road to self-discovery and it is your core values that will determine the success of your mission.

2. A first aid kit. For you and for the people around you. In order to be an effective leader, you have to take care of yourself. But, being a leader also means being of service to others. Leadership is not a solo journey. You won’t get far if you walk alone.

3. A map. There is a general expectation that leaders know the path forward. Leaders are not wanderers. When the path becomes less clear and obscure, a leader’s vision becomes all that’s left to guide their navigation and provide a general sense of direction. When meeting a dead path, a great leader will know when and how to adjust with the circumstances.

Are you now packed and ready to go as we welcome the new year? How about your battle buddies? Have you checked on them yet? Perhaps you could send them this checklist!

Tune in to Episode 37 of Got Your Six with Tony Nash to hear more about leadership and journeys from Clay Hutmacher. You can find us everywhere and on your favorite podcast platform.

Into the breach!

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