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Rising above life’s inconsistencies through bold decisions

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In the trenches

Rise and shine 6er,

Nothing in the world is certain and because of that risks and making bold decisions are warranted from time to time. Many of us often think that boldness is to pursue something without fear. But courage is not the absence of fear. Pursuing a worthy goal requires gutsy moves and acknowledging your fear to move towards the end state with eyes open.

In life, career transitions, and in business, not every risk pays off—some fail. There will always be inevitable setbacks. If you’re afraid to make a certain decision, the first thing to do is ask yourself whether or not the worst outcome is justified. If the outcome is something you can bounce back from, then it might be good for you to embrace the possibility of failure and take a leap of faith.

There are many faces of courage and it doesn’t always have to be about reckless abandon. Some days, you have the option of having a measured, appropriate action and the art of discernment between taking a bold risk and backing down takes a certain level of mastery that can only be enhanced by taking courageous choices and engaging the uncertainties of life.

Keep in mind that true success is not possible without risk-taking and courageous decisions. It is these bold decisions that will gradually teach you quiet confidence. As a leader of any organization, it is also part of your responsibility to instill courage in your team to keep the spirit of innovation for your business alive.

Always keep in mind that true success is not possible without taking risks. It is your ability to make bold decisions that will put you ahead of your own game and your competitors.

Let’s make it happen!


Intelligence summary of insights from this week’s podcast

Taking a dive into a daring decision is easier said than done. It is important to acknowledge the balance between proceeding with a bold decision and taking a cautious approach is difficult. However, taking risks is an essential part of growth and being stagnant is even more risky. If you’re not moving, you’re already falling behind.

In this week’s episode of Got Your Six podcast, we are joined by Luke Pell, a former US Army Officer turned country singer and songwriter turned commercial real estate investor. During the pandemic, Luke turned to facing life’s curveballs by taking bold decisions with his career. With courage and humility, he practiced self-leadership in quiet confidence and today, Luke is the owner of Black Tie Moving Services and the Director of Real Estate Development for Commercial Plus.

A leader knows not to let failure break them. Instead they accept failure as part of the learning process. Facing initial barriers and setbacks can be dealt with a positive approach where you see failure with a new mindset.

When Luke transitioned from the military service, to being a music songwriter/singer to his current career of being a commercial real estate investor, he took a chance to do something different and accepted the responsibility that comes with his choice knowing that whatever the outcome, it will be a learning experience. Here are three practical and implementable life lessons from Luke’s own journey of taking a big, bold step in his career transition.

1. Embrace life’s inconsistencies.

Don’t get too caught up with life’s contradictions. Once you learn to accept that you and the universe is evolving, you increase acceptance and have a more expansive view of life which creates more possibilities for you.

2. Take the leap.

Time is a valuable resource we don’t have any more of so you have to take advantage of it while it is in front of you. Practice courage and make bold decisions while accepting that there will be losses and failures Remember that if you never experienced getting burned, it means you are not lighting enough fires. The strongest steel has to go through the hottest fire.

3. Find the joy in building and growing your self determination.

Self-determination means that a person is engaged in a goal-oriented, self-regulated, and autonomous behavior. It is understanding your strengths and limitations so you can gain control over your life. This is an act of leadership towards yourself. Instead of being passive, you flip the script and find joy in proactively engaging failures as learning experience and holding yourself accountable for those mistakes.

Here at the Got Your Six podcast, we believe that decisiveness is key that leads us closer to our goals. Making bold decisions also requires due diligence instead of emotional impulses and objective decisions are often made when you are in a calm, meditative mental state. This is why meditation is something we often talk about in our podcast.

Now that you know the power of making bold decisions, it’s time to take an inner journey and visualize the best version of you that you can come up with. Life is too short to be walking passively in life. That balance between courage to take bold moves and having core values is what will help you reach your goals.

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Into the breach!

Tony Nash

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