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The value of discipline when going through life changes

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In the trenches

Rise and shine 6er,

Life is full of transitions. While some changes may be positive and bring joy, some are stressful and difficult. With change being the only constant thing in life, we will always encounter new situations and circumstances, and most of them will be beyond our control.

The feeling of uncertainty can mentally and emotionally drain us, especially if we don’t have a structured coping mechanism in place. It is natural to feel resistant to change, but how we deal with it will determine the quality of our life. This is why self-discipline is crucial because it enables you to take basic actions and gradually brings you to rise above adverse circumstances.

Practicing discipline can give harmony to your life. It can bring order to chaos and teach you to be accountable for your actions. It can also help you channel your energy into more valuable things and allow you to persevere until you reach the zone of proximal development, where things start to have a compound effect.

Remember, we can always influence how we react to new changes, but the value of discipline is to help us train our mind and body to focus on new goals and regulate our emotions. Small, disciplined actions that grow into habits can systematically spiral you upwards and set you up for a successful life.

Let’s make it happen!


Intelligence summary of insights from this week’s podcast

Transitional challenges from active military duty to civilian life can be daunting. New routines, career changes, and finding connections with people who have not experienced military life add to transitional stress that affects our mental health.

When we are experiencing any significant life change that causes pain, grief, and loss, it takes a toll on us. The uncertainty of navigating our way through uncharted territory can trigger anxiety and depression. But there is a healthy way to cope with life’s significant changes.

In this week’s episode of Got Your Six podcast, we have Robert Moeller, a former US Navy Seal with 13 years of service and the current Director of Military Teams sales at WHOOP, a wearable tech company. During the period of his transition from active duty to civilian life, Robert shares the story of how he woke up feeling like a completely different person who had lost his identity.

He was devastated for the first two and a half years and went through a really dark time. Robert realized that nothing worthwhile comes out of something easy, so he began to take action. Here are three practical and implementable coping methods with life’s significant changes.

1. Accept that change is inevitable.

It is a fact of life that everything is constantly changing, and we must learn to adapt. This is the natural state of affairs of nature, and if we resist, we will have a much harder time dealing with it. Remind yourself that each new change is an opportunity for personal growth and welcome it.

2. Implement discipline every day and have a baseline.

Discipline is a learned behavior. It requires practice and repetition. It is impossible to fix yourself out of sheer will alone, and sometimes even with the best-laid plans and good intentions, we still fall short. But you can always rely on your discipline to help you gain incremental improvements every day.

Create a baseline and a structure to your daily activities, so when things get hard, you have something to fall back into.

3. Find connections.

No one goes through life alone, and a major life change is a challenging situation, so it’s okay to seek help and support. Relationship building is a skill you need to integrate yourself back into society again. Listening and sharing different experiences can help you evaluate your situation, and they offer new perspectives that can help you along the way.

The reality is that success comes from daily, small, disciplined actions compounded over time. It creates a chain reaction, and your life becomes more stable and structured, which helps you get more focused and inspired.

Here at the Got Your Six podcast, we believe discipline is like a muscle. If you train it often, you become stronger, and it enables you to regulate your emotions and actions, giving you more stability and direction.

Now that you know the value of discipline during life’s significant changes, start setting your intention and lead yourself to develop discipline as a habit. Once you stick to it, it becomes a powerful force that can help you reach new goals and aspirations.

Share this newsletter with a battle buddy currently facing difficulty in transition and remind them that change is inevitable, but the power of discipline to create a fulfilled life with a purpose is possible.

Into the breach!

Tony Nash

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